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Some pimpage and help for a friend

My dear friend Daniel Brown and his team are trying to get to the Ventura Film Festival in California, next month. Their movie 'Emily In The AM" was accepted into the festival. The film will be shown at the festival with or without them present. However, the Ventura Film Festival is a big deal. They want to represent Philly Indie film-making to the fullest. Our mission is to help them get to California. Any little bit counts. Deadline is July 1st.

Learn more about Wide Eyed Pictures and services they provide:

Learn more about Emily In The AM(their first feature short):

If you would like to contribute:
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Icontest Pimpage

I have new friends on my flist. So, I'm going to pimp again.

ca_stillness (Cordy/Angel) - I definitely need more icon makers and voters.

ats_hush (General AtS icontest) - I need more people to vote.

spuffy_stills (Spike/Buffy) - still a new community. I get the participation, but we need more voters.

Although, ca_stillness and spuffy_stills are relationship-y based, they are opened to friendshippers, as well. The challenges aren't always shippy.

New challenges are up at all three communities. So, if you want to jump on in, please do!
sixteen candles: jake/samantha

Old Icons vs New Icons

Okay, so xlivvielockex and I are texting. We got on the subject of icons and I mentioned that I would post some of my old "bad" icons from years ago and post my newer ones with it to see how far I've come. Then, it turned into me making an Old Icons vs New Icons post where everyone can comment with their very first icons along with their newer icons. So, we can all see how far we've come :)

LIMIT: post up to 5 old icons and 5 new icons.

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