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Keep Me Closer, I'm A Lazy Dancer

When you move I move with you


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Hometown: Philadelphia, PA GO EAGLES!! GO PHILLIES!!
Puerto-Rican. I'm very opinionated. I don't sugarcoat, and I'm blunt. But, I'm funny, friendly and outgoing. I must warn you...sometimes I have rants that may be filled with explicit words like fuck, asshole, shit, etc :D I try to update as much as possible. If you're not reading a personal entry of mine, my entries will be about my fandoms(I put spoilers behind cuts. I'm such a spoiler whore!), as well. By all means, if we have a lot in common, add me. I'll most likely add back.

Angel (ship: Cordy/Angel)
Buffy (ship: Buffy/Spike and Buffy/Riley yes, I like Riley...haters to the left)
True Blood (ship: Eric/Sookie, Tara/Sam, Jessica/Hoyt)
The Vampire Diaries
Mad Men
Greek (ship: Cappie/Casey)
The X-Files (ship: Mulder/Scully)
Smallville (ship: Clark/Chloe)
Gossip Girl (ship: Blair/Chuck)
Veronica Mars (ship: Veronica/Logan)
Queer as Folk (ship: Brian/Justin)
Project Runway
Top Chef
Warehouse 13

David ♥ Jaime

Southpark Buffy is hilarious Love

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80's movies, acting, alexander skarsgård, angel, angel/cordelia, angelina jolie, angelus/cordelia angel:the series, balthazar getty, bjork, blue dog pict, boy meets world, brian/justin, broken social scene, bruce campbell, buffy the vampire slayer, buffy/spike, c/a, californication, cappie/casey, charisma carpenter, charisma/david, clark/chloe, classic rock, computers, constant, cordelia chase, cordy/angel, cordy/angelus, covenant, damon/elena, dana scully, dave matthews band, david boreanaz, david duchovny, david/charisma, davy jones, dawsons creek, dean winchester, deftones, degrassi, dexter, doctor who, dollhouse, dvds, eliza dushku, english accents, eric northman, eric/sookie, esthero, even stevens, fourth doctor, fox mulder, fringe, gale harold, gary oldman, gillian anderson, gossip girl, greek, hal sparks, happy campers, hedwig, heroes, horror, house, jackie/hyde, jaime bergman, james marsters, jason dohring, jason stackhouse, jeese bradford, joey/pacey, johnny depp, keram malicki-sanchez, kim bingham, korn, kristen bell, kyle xy, lafayette reynolds, lindsay lohan, ljmaps, logan echolls, mad men, madonna, mandy moore, matt bellamy, metric, movies, mulder, mulder/scully, muse, my chemical romance, napoleon dynamite, nine inch nails, orlando bloom, out of this world, parker posey, peter/astrid, peter/olivia, philadelphia, philadelphia eagles, pink floyd, playstation 2, qaf, queer as folk, randy harrison, rap, river phoenix, rob zombie, rock, rock my world, rocky horror picture show, rooney, roswell, rufus wainwright, sam merlotte, sam winchester, sarah michelle gellar, scully, sex and the city, singing, sixteen candles, small wonder, smallville, sookie/eric, spuffy, square pegs, supernatural, tara thornton, techno, tegan and sara, television, that 70s show, the breakfast club, the clash, the go go's, the matrix, the monkees, the secretary, the vampire diaries, the x files, tom baker, true blood, veronica mars, warehouse13, weezer, x-files, x-games, zombies, zooey deschanel